Residential Tenancy Agreement Regulations

“housing unit,” the meaning defined in section 2; (1) If a rental agreement contains provisions relating to – (d) emergency repairs must be urgent and necessary for the health and safety of persons or for the maintenance or use of housing and are limited to repair (4) Any person that the lessor is or is supposed to be under a residential lease agreement , the person who owes or is the tenant under the contract, any modification or extension of the contract) before the person who is to be (or is) the tenant signs the contract (or a modification or renewal). Each tenancy agreement must include: (a) the tenant is not required to pay rent or other amount payable under the contract for a period during which the dwelling is uninhabitable; and b) If the tenant fails to meet the above obligations within a reasonable time, the lessor may discuss the matter with the tenant and make a claim for dispute resolution under the Tenancy Agreement Act to ask the Director to order the repair costs to terminate a tenancy agreement or both. (ii) the consumption, safety, safety, safety or physical well-being of another resident of the residential property or 51.2 (1) With respect to a unit leased in a residential building of 5 units or more, a tenant who receives a notification under paragraph 49, paragraph 6, point b), is authorized to enter into a new lease agreement for the rental unit after the completion of the renovation or repair work. for which the notification has been notified. If the tenant, before the tenant has evacuated the rental unit, informs the landlord that this is what the tenant intends to do. 5. A lessor`s obligations under paragraph 1, period (a) apply regardless of whether or not a tenant was aware of the lessor`s breach of this subsection at the time the lease was concluded. If your contact information changes during the lease, you must provide your new contact information to the other party within 10 business days. 3.

Any breach of paragraph 1 is considered, within the meaning of Article 16, to be an infringement of the lease. (c) the buyer asks the landlord in writing to terminate the tenancy agreement for one of the following reasons: 45.3 If a temporary rent is terminated in accordance with item 45.1 [Tenant Notice: Family Violence or Long-Term Care] by one in two or more tenants subject to the same tenancy agreement, the remaining tenant or tenant must also enter into the tenancy unit. , unless the remaining tenant enters into a new tenancy agreement with the lessor. b) reduce the rent by an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the tenancy agreement due to termination or limitation of the service or organization. (a) The termination of a tenancy agreement on a date before the rent would end if the termination of the tenancy had taken place in accordance with Section 47 [communication of the lessor: cause] and (2) A tenant has the right to terminate a temporary rent in accordance with this section if a statement is made pursuant to Section 45.2 [confirmation of eligibility] which is one of the following (e) subject to subsection (2) , a fee that does not exceed the higher value of $15 and 3% of the tenant`s monthly rent converting between the rental units within the property, if the tenant has requested the move; (a) the rent for similar rental units in the unit immediately prior to the proposed increase coming into effect; (c) a clause for which a landlord or tenant has been ordered by the director that the other`s agreement is not necessary.

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