Vultr Service Level Agreement

In some cases, it may be necessary for us to transfer your personal data to a non-EEA country which is not considered by the European Commission to be an adequate level of protection. For example, implementing your desired transaction may require us to share your personal data with other payment service providers outside the EEA. If you have a DMCA right regarding this type of service provider, we ask you to start by cooperating with them by sending the DMCA claim to their designated agent. If you wish to terminate this contract, please provide us with 5 days of written notification. If we decide to terminate this contract, we will notify you in writing for 30 days. If your copyrighted work is violated by someone who uses the Vultr service, you can send a DMCA note to our DMCA agent. Prices on the site may change from time to time! UpCloud provides the customer`s administrative users with technical support for the service on the means described under the UpCloud website support page. Contact information and service schedules can be find on the UpCloud website. The amount you pay for accommodation will never be increased for a specified period or period for which you have registered for our services. We reserve the right to change the prices on at any time and to change the amount of funds made available for the plans at any time.

In addition, if we unsustitably terminate this contract in accordance with paragraph 3.2 of the Agreement, you understand that if we accept the provision of services for you in the future, the amount you paid for a prior period or on time is not intended for the amount you pay if we provide services to you again. It is your responsibility to check the plan or price changes on our website if you wish to use the plan or price changes that have occurred. Vultr does not automatically update your plan. All upgrades or downgrades are done at your request and may include a change fee or require a recommission with us. 12.5 Vultr takes the issue of child pornography very seriously and any possible harm to minors who use our services is strictly prohibited. Content that is perceived or may be perceived as child pornography is immediately removed from public access as soon as we have become informed or discovered. In addition, Vultr reserves the right to terminate any account whose website hosts or contains links to child pornography. If the account is a Vultr dealer account, the account is blocked and the dealer is notified of the termination of the responsible account. They agree to cooperate in such efforts.

Content or communications that aim to attract, attract or incite minors to engage in sexual or indecent behaviour are also strictly prohibited and are treated in the same way as child pornography or otherwise, in accordance with current legislation.

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The objective of the International Farm Management Association is to further the knowledge and understanding of farm business management and to exchange ideas and information about farm management theory and practice throughout the world. The IFMA is a non profit-making organisation and currently the Association has members in over 50 countries.

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