Presenting at the Congress

We will be inviting papers (peer reviewed and non-reviewed) and posters on the sub-themes of the Congress later.  The sub-themes include:

Managing farm business; alternative business models, joint ventures

  • Smart farm management tools
  • Sourcing capital, foreign investment
  • Farm succession, aging of farmers
  • Education and training, skills development


  • Market chain development, regional branding
    Value adding
  • Niche and commodity production, product differentiation

Community expectations

  • Urban-rural divide
  • Protecting the land and environment, urban encroachment, competition for land and water.

Production technology

  • Digital technologies, robotics, communications, new sensors
    Information management, “big data”, the internet of things


  • Public and private partnerships

Education and training

Role of Governments

  • Foreign ownership of land
  • Biosecurity requirements
  • Regulations – appropriate for new technologies
  • Education and training
  • Research and extension services
  • Trade development and barriers
  • Public infrastructure requirements, to facilitate freight.